Our general Yoga classes are taught by super experienced teachers! Teachers trained to offer the utmost care and level of excellence. 

Each class is designed to cultivate strength and tone in a balanced way and eventually increase flexibility over time. Classes incorporate typical yoga elements such as bricks, blankets or belts, for strength training, movement sequences to benefit the cardiovascular system with poses to restore flexibility and calm the nervous system. We emphasise in correct and safe alignment, breath awareness and holistic attention to form. All classes include a relaxation component at the end of the practice.

Classes for beginners

If you think yoga is about performing acrobatic postures that require a lot of flexibility, with an introductory yoga practice you will realise that Yoga covers large areas that you can achieve without these characteristics... The purpose of yoga is to connect your body and mind with something as simple as sitting on the floor, calming your mind from worries to concentrate on your breathing while performing flowing postures with your body. That is yoga. Start your path to a healthier and more balanced life with yoga initiation.

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Introduction to yoga allows you to introduce yoga into your daily life from the very basics.
Start becoming aware of the connection with your mind and body step by step, moving into the movement through the asanas (postures), while listening to your inner body. 
In this class you will guided through the basics of the postures to build a regular practice from the fundamentals of yoga.


A careful selection of asanas and therapeutic programs, give the appropriate form of class for students with diverse needs. Asana and pranayama. Movement, physical gesture and breathing executed clearly to maintain a posture with the use of various supports, such as a brick, a chair or a yoga belt that assist in the performance of the set of actions. It is a dynamic immobility where opening and alignment are deepened, through modulated breathing the nervous system calms down and the body responds organically. All ages are welcome to this practice, people with sensitive areas such as neck pain or lumbar stiffness have their space to heal.

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yoga gentil

Yoga gentil es un estilo de yoga con un enfoque en la respiración consciente y por lo tanto, un ritmo suave no tan arduo como otras prácticas de yoga.

Debido a su naturaleza innata apto para aquellos que no pueden satisfacer las demandas de ejercicios físicos en ritmos intensos.

Classes for all levels

Whether you have been practising yoga for some time or you are just starting out, in classes for all levels you will be able to take the practice at your own pace, adapting it to your body and mind at any given moment.

Starting from the base of a proper alignment, the postures go together with the breath while developing strength, stamina and flexibility.
If you want to make the practice more vigorous and challenging, you can generate vitality of your body.
If you wish to make the practice smooth and flowing, you will connect with your inner self and reach a higher level of awareness.

ANUSARA (morning flow)

Flowing with grace, the tradition of practicing asanas in a flowing sequence harmoniously connected with the breath. The practice must be maintained with soft and slow breathing and one gets to know all the asanas in a playful way and with variants that help to assimilate the practice. Each class is an experience of self-knowledge, supported by precise instructions and safe body mechanics. Often called the “Yoga of the Heart”, Anusara is characterized by a focus on deep alignment and staying connected to the inner experience of the practice, emphasized through the contemplation of “themes” that help cultivate an atmosphere of mindfulness.

Yogashala Institute
Yogashala Institute

Hatha Vinyasa

Vinyasa - movement synchronised with the breath. Hatha - Union of "Ha" (sun) with "tha" (moon), denoting determination and the movement necessary to unify opposing forces and the body with the mind.

Hatha Vinyasa yoga is a combination of vinyasas (a serie of movements connected through the breath), asanas (postures), pranayamas (conscious breathing), meditation and relaxation.

Elements of Yoga

The emphasis in this class is on the actions that assist the asana. It brings you into presence in your expanded body so that the breath flows.

Props are used as a way to explore and better understand the actions you perform, so that the mind connects better with your body and their subtle movements. It is a practice that helps you to become more aware of your physical body, being able to heal many pains caused by postural habits that bring us physical and organic problems, as well as emotional states.

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Advanced Classes

If you feel that you have evolved into your yoga practice to a higher level of awareness in your asanas, flow with your breath and feel that you can incorporate greater challenges, then you can move on to advanced yoga classes.

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The Rocket shows you a series of postures based on a modification of the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system. These routines renew the energy and vitality in your body by stimulating all body systems.
Rocket routines introduce you to advanced postures from the very beginning, with modifications accessible to all levels. It is a practice known for its dynamic and playful nature.
The classes offer a variety of specific transitions that you can choose from to make your practice more challenging or varied.


The Ashtanga Primary Series is called Yoga Chikitsa, which means yoga therapy, due to the cleansing and toning effect it has on both body and mind.
The asanas (postures) in the Primary Series bring strengh and relaxation to your body, loosening muscle tension and realigning and detoxifying the body. The series begins with forward bends, then twists and hip openings with a vinyasa between each asana.
On the mental level, through regular practice, increase your concentration, willpower, mind-body awareness and confidence. On a subtle level, the Primary series works on a therapeutical level to remove obstacles in the body's energy channels (known as Nadis).

Yogashala Institute
Yogashala Institute


Vinyasa Flow is a style of yoga that focuses on transitions and movements, with less time spent in posture. A series of asanas that are synchronised with the breath, joining breath and movement.

The variety of movements in a Vinyasa class means that you will often work with your whole body throughout the practice, expanding your range of motion by moving in a different way than you normally do.

You work all parts of your body, so you develop the muscles in your body, building balanced and functional strength.


Vinyasa Krama means progressive steps taken in an intelligent and orderly manner. When a goal has been set, it is necessary to determine how to get there safely and efficiently, observing the correct order of connecting the sequences of postures. The order in which you performs the asanas is as if the asanas were the letters of an alphabet. It promotes a more dynamic attitude than other styles of Yoga. It is invigorating, harmonises the body and challenges it in a creative way, as the imagination is very much present when creating new sequences, leading the student towards the challenge of knowing ourself more deeply on all levels.

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Special classes

In addition to the regular classes, every Friday we offer yoga a special Hatha Yoga class with meditation, accompanied by sound bowls.

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kids yoga

Yoga is a great and fun way for your child to achieve benefits in his/her mind and body by cultivating strength, confidence and mindfulness. They will learn the importance of breathing and finding ease within their own body. They will enjoy stretching and all sorts of poses while smiling and relaxing.

HATHA & Meditation with sound bowls

This class begins with a Hatha Yoga practice, a serie of very sweet asanas developed to hone you into the silence and essence of each pose, cultivating awareness in the breath and a delicate atmosphere; the teacher leads you with gentle instructions to cultivate all areas involved in the practice. These classes take place on Friday evenings as a great way to round off your week of practice.

Meditation is one of the simplest techniques that helps you to focus your attention, inducing a state of relaxation among many other benefits. The sound bowls vibration helps you to connect with your inner self, awakening and expanding your consciousness for a connection with your true essence.

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Meditation is one of the simplest techniques that helps focus your attention, conducting you to a state of relaxation among many other benefits:

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Aerial yoga

Aeroyoga is inspired by ancient traditions such as Natha Yoga, Mallakhmab Rope, Ayurveda and the Pilates method. Its main objective is to achieve body strength, muscle definition and tone, general rejuvenation, digestive, cardiac and respiratory improvement and complete relaxation. Balancing in the air develops awareness of the body in every moment, thus promoting deep muscle lining and helping to release fears.

yoga for pregnancy

Yoga is a perfect way to exercise during pregnancy, as it can help you relax, as well as keep you fit and strengthen your core. Some of the main benefits of prenatal yoga are:

I am amazed at the benefits of yoga practice. I was looking to balance my health, both mentally and physically, and I am so grateful to have started on this path.

- Rosa